Dump Your Boy-Friend or Keep Him?

Is it Time to Dump your Boyfriend?
Let’s talk about Your Problems!
Are you waiting for Verbal Abuse to turn into Physical Abuse?
Dump the Bum Now before this happens!
Are you in a Rocky Relationship?
Are you in a Controlling Relationship?
Are you Engaged to be Married?
Get Out Now before you make a BIG Mistake!

There are some things a strong woman like you
can over-look. Like failing to pick up their dirty
clothes or failing to put their drink cups back into
the kitchen or failing to hang up the towel after
a shower or forgetting to pick up the milk and eggs
at the grocery store or forgetting how you like
your coffee or failing to keep gas in your car!
These things can be over-looked if you really love him!

Here are a few personality problems
that you may find can leave you
heart broken!

The truth is very few Men
change their bad behavior with time!

1) Your Mr. Right is using Curse Words and
they are Aimed at You! Is he complaining about
your cooking and calling you names that a woman
hates to hear? If he is making you feel useless,
and calling you names like the B-word this is
a sign that things will only get worse!
Soon he will be throwing things at you!
This kind of verbal abuse usually ends up
becoming physical abuse! This is a good
sign that your Mr. Right is really Mr. Wrong!

2) Does your Mr. Right order you to do things
And insult you at the same time?
“Would you PLEASE bring my drink
with some ICE in it this time!”
“You burnt the rice again? Don’t you
know how to cook rice yet?”
Makes you feel useless doesn’t it!
If these kind of statements sound
familiar to you, then you should take
notes and remember things are only
going to get worse!
A man who bosses you around always
turns into a Dictator! And many
times this kind of verbal abuse
is done in front of friends!
Drop this loser as fast as you can!

3) Watch how he treats his mother!
If he cannot treat his own mother
with respect, then don’t expect him
to treat you any differently!

4) He makes jokes about your
cooking in front of friends!
If your dream guy is making jokes
about your driving or cooking
or how you look, this is not how
you want to be treated!
As time goes by he will have
less and less respect for you!
Get rid of this character destroyer
before these jokes hit face-book!

5) He cannot keep a job!
If your Mr. Nice Guy cannot keep
a job, you better find someone who can!
Money is not everything but who’s going
to pay the rent? The Best Boyfriend in
the world may not have the drive to get
ahead in this world! This world is full
of traps and hidden perils – your man
has to keep moving and keep Working
to overcome all these things!
No one wants a Lazy Man who cannot
keep a job! Who is going buy the groceries?

6) If your Dream Guy is showing signs that
he love’s you because you happen to be very
beautiful, maybe you might consider finding
another man! As soon as you get an extra
wrinkle on your face or gain a few extra pounds
he might be looking for a new “Trophy Girl Friend”
to show off in front of his friends!
This is a sure sign that things could go down
hill from here and you are headed for a
hurtful break up! Don’t let this happen
to you! Dump this “Shallow Guy” for someone
who loves you for your personality instead
of your looks!

7) Is your Boy Friend a Drunk or Drug Addict?
A relationship with someone who is or
has been hooked on drugs or alcohol is
a “Dead-End” street!
These people will end up zapping all happiness
from your life! They almost never recover!
They usually have almost no Will-Power to stop!
Because of this they will only bring
“Negative Energy” into your life!
Run from them as fast as you can!

8) Does your Boyfriend want to control
your money? Is he trying to take away
your independence? Be careful of these
kind of men! You earn your own money
you should be able to spend it the way
you wish! Don’t let him take away
your independence! If you want to
spend $65 getting your hair done or
buying a new dress, don’t let him stop you!
I’m sure you will have nothing to say
when he wants to buy a new table saw
for his work shop! Just be careful
of these kind of men who want to
control “ALL” of the house-hold money
and leave you always concerned about
your spending habits! Maybe it’s time
for a change!

If you find that your Favorite Guy has any of
these problems, you should seriously consider
finding a new man to be with! These are
serious problems that are almost impossible
to “Fix” and will only leave you with
many years of heart aches!

In my opinion, all the counseling in the
world cannot “Fix” these kind of personality
problems and always lead to bigger problems!

Love and Marriage is not easy!
If it was, there would not be millions of
people signed up with all these dating
sites on the world wide web! These sites
are full of people looking for the
perfect mate!

The “Perfect Mate” does not exist!
But some personality flaws can be “Over-Looked”
and some behaviors Should NOT be
ignored when choosing a mate!

Does your Guy fall into one of these categories?
Then Dump this Loser and find your “Dream Guy”
or odds are your headed for trouble!

Good Luck!


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