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You are probably wondering how celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson & Hilary Duff look so gorgeous all the time? How does their hair always look
so perfect and well-conditioned?

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What’s the Secret?

Well the secret is in the tools, the products and the stylist.
You can create these looks at home, and one of the best tips is:- the less time you spend on it the better it will look. Now you are probably wondering how, but if you think it takes 8-20mins to straighten your hair, you may start to believe me.

Here’s some great tips that you can use at home that will help you to look even better. These tips come not only from personal experiences but also from the celebrity stylists, who help to create a great red carpet look.

So here we go, read on for the ultimate in celebrity hair tips.

How to get that “Going to the Oscars” Glamour

Whenever you see a picture of a celebrity on the red carpet, you are probably thinking how amazing they look. And what you can see is a hairstyle that has taken months of planning and trips to the stylists in order to look absolutely Hollywood perfect.

Before the big event, the celebrity will consult with their stylist about how they want to look, but also ask advice from their hairdressers on how to look up to date, but also very sexy and feminine.

Those who kept up with the times on the red carpet this year went for very large Hollywood curls, with an extra rich colour and shine. To recreate this look here are some tips on how to curl your hair so you can look just as elegant.

Create Great Curls

If you have just bought yourself some very expensive straighteners, or you are thinking about it, why not consider the idea of curling your hair with straighteners? You can get more controllable curls which are far easier to manage than your natural hair is!


1. Make sure that your hair is semi-straight, or if not straighten it.
2. Spray on some heat-protection spray and then divide your hair into sections. The fewer the number of sections the tighter the curls will be.
3. Take the straightener and clamp it over the top of the section, then whilst pulling down the straighteners turn the straightener round. To produce a tighter curl clamp harder with the straighteners and pull harder when you bring it down.
4. Do not brush your hair after you have done this, but simply tease through with your fingers.
And add some shine spray.

Another way to curl your hair that always creates great celebrity styles hair effect is to use some heated rollers. The type of rollers that you should get should depend on how long and thick your hair is, and how tight the curl that you want to achieve is.

For short thin hair try using a straightener (the above method) or tongs, for thick medium length hair to use some medium sized heated rollers and for really long hair I would use some very large velcro rollers. Try using these on wet hair and then drying off with a hair dryer (be sure to have plenty of hair grips on hand however).

The most perfect thing about celebrities hair is that it always appears in perfect condition. Just think, can you remember every seeing Jennifer Aniston with her hair looking messed up?!
Many celebrities will have plenty of deep conditioning treatments at their salon before the big event. These treatments will vary from Damage Restructuring to Deep Conditioning and Detoxifying.

There are plenty of high street products out there that are suitable for home use and you can pick them up on the high street for reasonable prices. I would always recommend that you look on the back and see the list of ingredients, the more chemicals it has in it, the worse it will be for your hair in the long run.

You may wish to consider trying some organic haircare products, which are not always as expensive as you think, and with organic followers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Elle McPherson you will be in great company!

Or indeed for a special event such as a prom or a ball, why not go down to your local hairdresser or beauty salon and have a hair wrap or mask? These may be quite expensive but will definitely get you the look that you desire and it’s worth treating yourself for a special event.

Always check with the salon about which treatment they think will be right for you, because not all of them will be suitable for your hair type.

Remember, you are just as special as any of those celebrities and you too can look like a star!

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