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Pi = 3.141592653589793238
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Enter:     Third Number Here C

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Answer-01:     Sum of Numbers = (A + B)
Answer-02:     Difference of Numbers = (A - B)
Answer-03:     Multiple of Numbers = (A*B)
Answer-04:     Division of Numbers = (A/B)
Answer-05:     Square-Root of Third Number = Sq-Rt(C)
Answer-06:     Cube-Root of Third Number = Cube-Rt(C)
Answer-07:     Log-Base-10 of Third Number = Log(C)-Base-10 = (ln-C)/(ln-10) = Log(C)
Answer-08:     Sine of Third Number = Sine(C)
Answer-09:     Cosine of Third Number = Cos(C)
Answer-10:     Tangent of Third Number = Tan(C)
Answer-11:     Recipical of C (1/C)
Answer-12:     Exponent (A^B)
Answer-13:     (C*62.4)     1 gm per cubic cm = 62.4 lbs per cubic ft

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